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Using neuroscience backed healing to transform your life from the inside, out.


Who is this platform for? 

  • Are you struggling with negative self-talk? Limiting beliefs? Low confidence?¬†
  • Do you know you're destined for BIG THINGS in life but these programs keep getting in the way?¬†¬†¬†
  • Would you LOVE a library of on demand audios that tap you into your most¬†confident, aligned & abundant¬†self?¬†
  • Would you love to feel connected to a¬†community of like minded women who are on the same path of growth & development as you?¬†

 If you answered yes, this platform is for you!

What is it & how will it help? 

A series of on demand breathwork, affirmations & subconscious reprogramming audios to help you regulate your nervous system and rewire limiting beliefs.  


What you will notice after just 30 days:

  • Feel more confident:¬†In all environments

  • Feel more happy:¬†Your nervous system will regulate & your thoughts will follow¬†

  • Feel more connected with your intuition:¬†You'll feel enhanced self awareness & have more clarity

  • Feel more present:¬†The #1 skill for rewiring the mind


It's like magic but its science. 

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Whats inside?

I'm ready!

Meet Your Guide, Hannah

A science researcher turned manifestation coach + founder of HER FRQNCY.
I'm here to help you transform your subconscious beliefs so that you can step into your authentic power & create a life that lights you UP! 
I believe that you get to have whatever you want.
The only thing standing in your way... is you.
While we do not choose our subconscious beliefs, we do have a responsibility to change them if they're no longer serving us.
Through my work, I help women like you do exactly that!
I'm so excited you're here. 


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